Friday, March 25, 2016

The Wooden Prince

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What an interesting concept for a book.  Pinocchio is an automa who must obey his master.  If he does not, his nose will grow.  But his original master gave him to someone else and replaced his inner workings with something resembling a pinecone.  Pinocchio should be like other automa - submissive, unfeeling, automatic, wooden- but Pinocchio is changing.

As Pinocchio discovers more about who he is and what he was sent to do he becomes more human - emotions, friendships, and a sense of duty.

This was a clever, steam punk version of Pinocchio and overall I enjoyed it.  I did feel that it was a bit long - I was very engaged for the first 100 pages or so and enjoyed the last 100 bt the middle lagged for me.  Not sure if I will purchase for my school library for that reason.

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