Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Red Butterfly

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Kara lives with her mother who is an elderly American woman.  They rarely leave the house and wait for her father, who lives on Montana, to send them money.  Kara often wonders why they stay at home but it isn't until her sister Jody comes to China that Kara learns the truth.  She was never officially adopted, just abandoned.  Her mother has been living illegally in China. Now her mother has to go back to America and Kara is placed in an orphanage.  Will Kara be reunited with the only mother she has ever known or will she be adopted by another family.

This was a nice book.  I found that it lagged a bit in the middle but I liked how it worked out in the end.  I almost wish there had been a little more when she contemplated running away.

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