Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Like a River

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Confession...I started reading this for Cybils, got 50 pages in, and abandoned it.  When it was short listed for MSBA I groaned.  Sorry...  So, I finally got around to reading the whole thing.... and I'm glad I did.  I enjoyed it!!!!

Leander has never felt that he lived up to his older brother Nate's accomplishments.  When Nate nearly dies and loses the use of his legs, Leander decides to prove his worth by enlisting in the Union Army. Unfortunately, soon after enlisting Leander is injured and loses his arm.  While recovering he meets Paul, whom he soon realizes is actually Polly.  Once Leander recovers he will go home.  Paul, who stayed at the hospital until his (her) dad died decides to get back into battle.

The second half of the story follows Polly's ordeals at Andersonville - trying to stay hidden as a girl, fending off starvation, trying to drink clean water, and building a friendshipwith Given.

Readers know who Given is and can anticipate the reunion between Polly and Leander but it plays out well.  Good facts about the Civil War and for a 300+ book it read quickly with short chapters.  

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