Friday, March 25, 2016

The Inn Between

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Whoa, this was so not what I was expecting.  Quinn is traveling with her best friend Kara and their family.  Kara's family is moving and Quinn is going with them for a visit.  This will give Quinn and her parents time away from each other because they are all still learning to cope with the disappearance of Emma, Quinn's younger sister.  During their trip the travelers find themselves lost, without communication, and end up finding a hotel called the Inn Between.  But things are strange - phony smiles, no TV, no phones, and then Kara's parents and brother disappear.  Slowly Quinn starts to figure out what is going on...

So - very sad and disturbing...  and the ending....  what about Quinn's parents who have had to deal with Emma's disappearance and now...  I don't mind creepy but this was just sooooo sad.

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