Saturday, March 19, 2016

Behind the Canvas

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Oh I wish the cover were better.  Claudia seemed much older in the book...

Claudia loves art and is startled when she discovers a living boy in a picture in a museum.  The boy becomes her friend and she learns that he is trapped in a world behind the canvas.  He was put there by an witch but he wants to get out and he thinks Claudia can help.  With the help of an artist and a weird potion, Claudia is able to enter the world behind the canvas.

But Pim, hasn't been entirely honest with her and the world behind the canvas is filled with creatures that are dangerous and disturbing.  Can Claudia save Pim and stop the witch or will she find herself a victim as well.

Claudia and Pim were great characters and I loved the allusions to artworks.  I wish the witch had played amore central role as a character and through interactions.  A decent book overall though.

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