Sunday, March 20, 2016

Once Was a Time

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I rarely finish a book in one sitting but last time I raced through this book.  I am a huge fan of time travel.  It amazes me then to see how much I liked it and then look at others reviews and find that not everyone agreed with me. Oh well, everyone is entitled to their wrong opinion ;0

It is WWII and Charlotte's father is a physicist who believes that time travel is possible and is working to make it happen for the war effort.  He believes that there are time portals that can appear but you can't control where and when you travel to and you would probably never get back.  When he disappears, Charlotte doesn't even realize it because he is gone so much.  But then. she and her best friend, Kitty are kidnapped as well.  Both are used to try and get her father to tell what he knows.  Just when she and Kitty are about to be shot a portal appears.  Impulsively, Charlotte jumps through and arrives in Sutton, Wisconsin in 2013.

At first Charlotte is haunted by the fact that she didn't grab Kitty as well, but as days turn to weeks, months, years she adjusts to life in the 2000s with a foster family and friends.  When she comes across a mysterious postcard in one of her favorite books in the library she realizes Kitty may still be alive.

Then the hunt begins causing her to abandon friends and make new ones and travel to Italy to finally discover the truth.

I loved it - yes, you have to suspend disbelief so I can see how some might find fault - but I thought it was a great romp.

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