Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Sword of Summer

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Not gonna lie...I love Rick Riordan and what he has done for children's literature.  I love his ties to mythology which has spurred a new interest in it, I love his sarcasm and humor, and I love his chapter titles.  As one who has read and enjoyed all of his previous works I was thrilled with this. New characters (with cameos from a favorite) and Norse mythology - what's not to like.

Now...about MSBA...  Funny thing...haven't gotten a single student to read this book and it has been in the library several weeks.  For students enamoured with the other books it should be an easy sell...problem is that most of those kids are older - junior high and up. Not sure this is a good entry point for a reader and thus maybe not a good choice for Maine Student Book Award...alas...

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