Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Rosemary Spell

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Rosemary, Adam, and his sister Shelby have been friends forever.  But Shelby is getting older and has new friends and sometimes Rosemary and Adam get teased about their friendship.  One day Rosemary is investigating her new room when she figures out how to unlock a cupboard. In the cupboard is an old book that appears to have belonged to a famous poet who used to live in the house. The book is weird though.  Writing seems to appear and disappear.  When Rosemary and Adam decided to study the local poet for a school project and visit her in a nursing home they become even more confused.  Her poems about memory, the mysterious writing, a someone name Wilkie.  Then the unthinkable happens...while spending a rare day with Shelby, Adam and Rosemary share the poem they found in the book and Shelby disappears.  Now Adam and Rosemary must not only try to remember her, bt also find a way to get her back before the next new moon.

I thought this took a little while to really get going.  But once it did I loved it.

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