Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Grave of Lainey Grace

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Brair Ann loves helping her grandfather tend the cemetary. One of the best parts is the mystery of Lainey Grace.  Who was she and how do roses appear at her grave every year after the last leaf falls?   Lainey tries to find out who is leaving the roses but even when she finds out, no one believes her.  What is worse, her grandfather loses his job over it.

So...the book quickly took an unexpected turn with leprechans and trolls.  I found Trixie interesting but wish there had been more with him and more explanation of the creatures and the family who owned the cemetary.  As far as the mystery of Lainey Grace herself...once we fond out who she was I didn't get how it was such a mystery...the character herself wouldn't have been old enough for no one to know who she was.  ???

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