Sunday, December 6, 2015

Canned and Crushed

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It's complicated.  Sandro's father is in the states illegally and underemployed, his mother works hard, Sandro is smart but doesn't really apply himself, and he just found out his sister has a rare disease and needs heart surgery.

Sandro battles his own issues - homework, soccer, helping out at home, a missing Turtle, and friend issues.

What did I think?  I liked Sandro's voice - kind of quirky.  I liked the mention of illegals and the dilemma although...well, he was still illegal.  The sickness of his sister was interesting and especially going back to Mexico for the surgery.  I get how it is cheaper there but....  I travel to Guatemala a lot and I am sure surgery is cheaper there....doesn't mean I would do it there, just sayin.  

Anyway - not bad, not great either.

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