Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Detective's Assistant

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Orphaned Nell Warne has been placed with her Aunt Kittyand her aunt is not happy about it.  Ever since the "accident" that claimed the life of her husband, Kitty has been bitter and blames Nell's father.  Now she is burdened with a neice who reminds her of the man who killed her usband and who is the way of her career as a detective with the famos Pinkerton.  Can Nell prove to her Aunt Kitty that she can be a valuable detective's assistant and that the "accident" was truly an accident.

I truly enjoyed this romp.  Because it was based on real event and characters this story really came alive.  Nell, though fictional, was a fun addition. Seeing the historical events through her eyes was enjoyable and the ciphers and codes added to the intrigue.  

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