Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Golden Braid

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Rapunzel and her mother have always wandered about and never really become friends with anyone else but they have always had each other.  Her mother is very protective and often warns her of men.  When they decide to move to Hagenheim they are attacked by 2 thieves.  Fortunately a knight comes to their rescue.  That rescue causes Rapunzel to start thinking more about freedom, learning to read, and she begins to questions her mother's protectiveness.

As Rapunzel grows closer to Sir Gerek she discovers the truth about her mother and who she really is.

I enjoyed this retelling of Rapunzel.  When I started reading it I did not realize it was a Christian book.  I loved how the message of forgiveness was woven in and how the timeperiod played in beautifully.  The book is too old for my students but I would recommend it to others.

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