Sunday, December 20, 2015

Finding Fortune

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34 days until the Maine Student Book Award committee meets to determine the shortlist.  I currently have 12 books on hold, 4 books from another library, 4 still on NetGalley, and another 17 by my bed that no one has read - not to mention a list of others that I have wanted to read, even some that have made Best Of lists that no library around here has yet....ARGH.  Fortunately Christmas break is almost here and I should be able to read 2 or 3 a day over break.  No pressure ;0 

This was one that had been on NetGalley for awhile and I finally gotaround to.  Glad I did.  I enjoyed this mystery / adventure.  

Ren's dad is in Afghanistan and she worries that her parents, who were separated when he left, will never get back together, especially with a neighbor Rick who seemsinterested in her mom.  To teach her mom a lesson. Ren decidesto run away to the town of Fortune, population 12, to a boarding house that used to a school.  She has no idea that she is about to find new friends, a cool history of buttons and pearls, and a hidden treasure.

I really enjoyed this.  Ren learned some important lessons about changes, made some good friends, and helped solve a mystery. The book was a relatively quick read.  I am not that fond of the cover...I feellike I would have to really talk the book up.

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