Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Looney Experiment

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Well, that was unexpected.  This is a CYBILS nominee that I had never heard of and dang it worked!!!  It reminded me of Dead Poet's Society, Because of Mr.Terupt, and others.  Perhaps it is a case of a book adults will like and think kids will like...I will be curious about that.

Atticus is shy, not good at sports, maybe a bit overweight, and is bullied quite a bit.  When his English teacher goes on maternity leave and is replaced by Mr. Looney things get interesting. Mr. Lonney is unlike any teacher they have ever had.  He listens, he doesn't do the normal worksheet thing, and he makes his students think. While Atticus struggles with insecurity, his father's leaving, and the teasing he is receiving from a classmate he also learns what courage is.

I found it interesing that To Kill a Mockingbird played a prominant role in this book at that To Set a Watchman was also mentioned.  This could play nicely with book discussions.

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