Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Year in the Life...

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Arthur Bean has always been told that he will be a great author and he is convinced that he will be.  But, after the death of his mother, he finds himself in a slump. He wants to enter the short story contest and write a novel but there are so many obstacles - a teacher who injures herself, the substitute, the girl he has a crush on, the newspaper editor who doesn't like his honesty, the bully who he has to tutor, and his grieving father.  The book is told through journal entries, emails, and snippets of conversations.

I read this as an eBook and because of the formating I think itlost some of its appeal.  I am hoping others on the MSBA committee read it in the print version to get a better feel for the flow.  Arthur voice was interesting and I think kids would relate.  There could be interesting conversations around his honestly and his high opinion of himself.

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