Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Family Game Night...

Annabelle's family is broken.  Her mom's collections have gotten out of hand leading to her sister Leslie's anxiety, her brother's escaping, her dad's leaving, and her own compulsion to control things and get rid of anything unnecessary.  When her dad leaves her grandmother comes to "help" but sometimes it is hard for those closest to us to help and be objective.  The books was at times funny, at times heartbreaking, but in the end it was hopeful for everyone.  The book was not at all what I expected and I finished it in just a few hours.

I am noticing a trend toward more mental illnesses in books - this is the third book I have read recently where a main character is a hoarder - then you can add in some OCD tendencies and anxiety.  It might seem like a lot but the book dealt with it well and there were some really funny moments.

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