Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Jelly Bean Summer

Okay, I am starting to feel old.  We now have more "historical fiction" that takes place in my lifetime.  As a result I find myself being more picky about the accuracy.  I was having trouble getting into this book as it was.  The book starts out with Joyce wanting to move up to the roof.  There she can escape the sadness of her brother Bud being MIA in the Vietnam War, his sister's weird obsession with UFOs and her guinea pig Jelly Bean, and her parents' fighting.  Soon she meets another boy Brian whose brother has died in the war and who is fixing up an old truck in his honor before he moves to Arizona.  Okay - on the surface not bad but then the issues creep in.  She is looking for Orion in the night sky?  Nope, Orion is a winter constellation.  They sell tickets for the UFO scheme - first it's $1.00 each, then they are made for 50 cents but then again at times it seems like a dollar and then once it even seems like 25 cents.  When they talk about the total it was mentioned as being over $30 but when they go to divide it among 4 people they each only get a little over $2???  But the kicker was when mom brought out her portable cd player.  In the late 60s???  Nope.  Now, I know I read an ARC so maybe this issue got resolved?

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