Friday, July 14, 2017

Soupy Leaves Home

It is the Great Depression.  Pearl loves to learn and wants more for her life, but since her mother died her father has become violent and refuses to listen to her.  So, she disguises herself as a boy and runs away.  She soon meets a hobo, Ramshackle, who takes her under his wing.  Soon she creates a new life for herself as Soupy, riding the rails, learning the ropes, finding freedom and the wisdom and dreams of Ramshackle.  But Ramshackle is ill and there are those in the hobo community who mean harm to the others.  Who can Pearl trust with her secrets and can she and Ramshackle both find what they are looking for.

I read this in one sitting even though I had to read it on my laptop and it was slow scrolling through.  The story was really good and had a lot of truth and insight in it as well as a historical perspective.  My one caution is the audience - my 4th and 5th graders will probably pass on it (unless I can entice my 5th graders with the Great Depression angle) because they typically like their graphic novels more colorful and not as serious.  I will promote it however because I thought it was great.

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