Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The World's Greatest Detective

Hugh Abernathy is the world's greatest detective.  The stories of all his cases are published, people line the streets to hire him, and the rest of detective row is jealous of him.  When Mr. Abernathy decides to hold a contest to determine the world's greatest detective all the other detectives rush to be a part of it except Toby's uncle.  But, while Toby's uncle is on another case, Toby joins the game in his place.  But then, instead of a fake murder case, a real murder takes place - Hugh Abernathy is killed and it is up to the other detectives to figure it out.  Can Toby and his new friend Ivy figure it out before the professionals?

This reminded me a bit of The Westing Game, though not as confusing.  It was a pretty decent mystery but it is a bit long which may deter some readers.

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