Friday, July 14, 2017

Keep in a Cold, Dark Place

All Limpy wants is a way out - away from the failing potato farm, away from her father who blames her for her mother's death, away from her brothers.  She is good at one thing - art - and if she can submit her artwork on time she might win a scholarship to an "artsy" high school.  But everything seems against her - work on the farm, her father's anger, school issues.  One day, while working in the cellar she comes across a mysterious box that say "keep in a cold, dark place".  When she opens it she finds colorful objects.  When she takes one out it hatches into an adorable little creature.  Limpy names him Chup and hides and cares for him in the house.  But soon, other eggs hatch and one especially is not so nice.  Then mysterious things start happening - her father gets bit on the toe by something, chickens go missing, and something is starting to terrorize people coming to see the farm.  Soon Limpy, with the help of a friend, realize these cute (or not so cute as they start growing) creatures are actually chupacabra.  But how to get rid of them before it's too late?

This was deliciously adventurous and exciting by the end but it did take while for it to turn from cute little creatures to terrifying chupacabras.  Hopefully readers would stick with it that long.  It reminded me of Gremlins.

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