Sunday, July 23, 2017

Moon Shadow

Lucia's mom has always been a bit mystical about the fact that she was born during a lunar eclipse and now, for the first time, she is about to witness a lunar eclipse herself, on her 13th birthday.  But things have been so weird lately - her mom and dad divorced and her mom now lives in Sweden, her ex-best friend Violet is now dating her other good friend Will, and she has two new friends but she isn't sure where things are going.  When she wishes on her moonstone during the eclipse she doesn't really believe anything will happen.  But then she starts having some weird dreams - but stranger still, the dreams actually seem to be reality but in a weird, shadowy, different version of herself way.  What exactly is going on and is it a good or bad thing?

I enjoyed the book quite a bit but by the time we got to the shadowy explanation the book was almost over and things seemed almost too easy.  I think kids will like it though.

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