Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Spirit Hunters

Harper and her family have just moved to the Washington D.C area supposedly because of her parent's work but everyone knows it is really because of her - because of the accident, because she can't remember what happened...  But things aren't any better in D.C because the house they have moved in has a mysterious and spooky past.  Her new friend Daya says the house is haunted and when her brother Michael starts acting weird she believes it  Soon she starts
having visions of her own past and the past of the house and as her memories start to come back so does her understanding that her brother is in trouble.  When
she goes seeking answers at a local cemetary though she learns the truth about herself, her family's history, and why her mom and grandmother won't talk toeach other.

This was a deliciously creepy book.  There was some good mystery to it as we discovered Harper's history little by little.  I also likedthe cultural aspect.  The book really got going about 3/4 of the way in but I think it was strong enough all the way through to get reader's interest.  It does looklike it could be the start of a series but ended in a very logical place.

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