Friday, June 30, 2017

Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting

Another quick review from Guatemala...

All Kelly wants is to earn enough money to go to camp.  She has done a lot of jobs and made some good money.  When a babysitting job becomes available she takes it - because how hard can it be?

That's before she meets Jacob who is kind of a terror but it gets worse when Jacob is kidnapped by a monster.  Kelly has to figure out how to rescue Jacob before his parents get home.  She soon discovers that there is more going on than she realizes - a secret society of babysitter's who protect children from monsters and that it isn't just any monster that wants Jacob but the Boogeyman (or one of them).  You see, Jacob is special - his nightmares become real and the Boogeyman has plans for Jacob.  Can Kelly and the other babysitter's save Jacob and the other kidnapped children?

This was a pretty decent book.  A tad scary.  I happened to love that her crush was a Guatemalan ;0

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