Sunday, February 12, 2017


This is a wonderful poetic narrative.  It starts when Grace is chosen to go work up at the Big House.  She is warned repeatedly to keep her eyes down and not talk back but....  that doesn't work out so well.  Grace is frustrated by the whippings in the smoke house, the fact that her masters do so little work and yet eat far more than their slaves.  Forgetting the warnings she speaks out a few times.  After a slave escapes her master is desperate to buy a new one but must sell one or more slaves to do some.  Instead of selling Grace, who is an investment, he decides to sell her mother and 2 younger brothers.  Grace can't let that happen.  She talks her family into running away - but instead of running north they decide to hide deep in a swamp.  The book ends as they as settling into their new, free lives in the swamp.

This was quite good.  I wish it had continued more with their lives in the swamp but that is a minor issue.

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