Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lily and Dunkin

This book explores the lives of 2 eighth grade students who are each struggling with other people's perceptions of them and their own realities.

Lily was born Tim but has always known that she is a girl.  Her mother, sister, and best friend are very supportive but her dad is hesitant.  She is a target for bullies.  Slowly she makes headway with her dad and begins to let others see her for who she is.

Dunkin and his mom have just moved to Florida.  Dunkin takes medication for bipolar disorder (which we discover slowly) but in his attempt to be popular and be part of the basketball team he decides to stop taking one of his medications.  He met Lily early in the book but was conflicted about being friends with her while she was being teased and bullied by his basketball "friends".

I felt the book focused more on Dunkin than Lily.  I wished there had been more from Lily - like the letter she wrote to a hero - more of those.  I also wish they had been able to come together as friends earlier in the book.  I don't work with the intended audience for this book - middle school and junior high.  I wonder if in tackling two big issues we diminish one of them?  

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