Saturday, February 25, 2017


I am obviously very late to the party on this.  When I read for MSBA I try to find hidden gems, books that no one else is reading so since this had been read by pretty much everyone in the known world I just now finished it.

So well done!!  Peter rescued Pax when Pax was just a kit.  But with war coming, Peter's father says its time to put Pax back in the wild while he goes to war and Peter goes to stay with his grandfather.  Peter does so unwillingly but once he is with his grandfather he can't live with not knowing what happened to Pax so he sets of hundreds of miles to find Pax.  Unfortunately on the way he breaks his foot and spends weeks recovering at the home of Vola.  There he learns a lot about himself. 

Meanwhile, Pax is conflicted between waiting for Peter to return and learning to survive in the wild.

So good - lots of discussion points and will make a great read aloud.

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