Sunday, February 12, 2017

Free Verse

Sasha's life hasn't been easy.  Her mother left when she was young.  Then her father dies in a mining accident.  She lived with her brother but then he too died in a fire.  No wonder she lashes out.  No wonder she runs away.  No wonder she is anxious and afraid.  Phyllis takes her in as a foster child and she starts to adjust.  Then she meets a family next door and finds out they are cousins.  Mikey is similar to her - his mother is gone, his stepmother doesn't understand him, and he worries about his dad working in the mines.

Then there is an accident.  Sasha and Mikey run away to avoid the reality of the situation.  Can they both make it back?

I loved the way the poetry helped Sasha find her voice and come to terms with her losses.  Well done and moving.

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