Friday, December 2, 2016

The Rat Prince

Once again I want to thank Sheila Dube at Springvale Library for ordering this book for me.  I had heard about this book at last year's ALA Midwinter but hadn't been able to get it.

We think we know the story of Cinderella but have you ever wondered what happened to the mice and rats that were changed into horses and coachmen?  Well wondering no longer.  Turns out that one of the rats was actually Prince Char, the Rat Prince.  He had been a companion to Cinderella - actually Rose - and wanted to protect her.  He also didn't want her marrying the prince whose ball she attend.  Turns out he was pretty horrible.  But how to make things turn out happily ever after??

I enjoyed this take - especially the second half where we got to the more traditional flow.  Well done.

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