Saturday, December 24, 2016

Nothing But Trouble

Maggie's class is doomed.  There will be the last class to ever go through Odawahoka Middle School before it closes down.  All the other grades have been moved and now it is just them.  But Maggie wants the year to be memorable and with the help of her father's journals she intends to go out hacking.  Starting on the first day with tennis balls in the lockers Maggie sets out to have an epic year.  But the new principal is not pleased.  Fortunately, Lena, the new student at the school becomes Maggie's friend and together they create sublime hacks and create a movement in their school at the same time.

I loved this story.  I loved the hacking bits and the creativity there but there was also the friendship between Maggie and Lena, the underlying story of Maggie's mom and grandfather, and the bullying of the principal.  This was fun.  While there was a hint of a sequel at the end it ended in a satisfying way.

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