Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Midnight War of Mateo Martinez

Although I am not typically a fan of animal fantasy I thought I would give this a go...  and I still am not a fan of animal fantasy.

Mateo swears he saw two skunks steal his (ok, really his sister's now) trike but who would believe him?  But, it is missing and Mateo has to convince his best friend and his sister to help him find it.  Can they find the trike and help their new friends in the process?

So...  I just never really got into this.  Didn't really seem to get anywhere and too many unanswered questions.  Why could those 2 skunks talk for example?  So they needed the trike to get to the playground first and when they did so they won the "midnight war" but then what?  They will now take the trike every night?  What about the issue with Mateo and the bullies that bother him.  Just left with a meh.

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