Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero

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Mik would love to be a superhero.  He is a kind boy and likes to help people.  Trouble is...he's not sure exactly how to go about it.  He tries to create a costume like Ironman but it is too heavy - although he does get so use out of the defenses he creates.  What Mik discovers is that he can be pretty super without special powers.  He helps a homeless family, finds the people who kidnapped his dog, stopped some candy snatchers on Halloween.  

What I liked - Mik was very nice and helpful and had a good relationship with his family and his dog.

What I didn't like - It didn't seem to flow well, lots of time passes and it went from episode to episode.  There was also a "boss" that wasn't resolved.

My biggest gripe was that I got this from NetGalley showing as a 2016 release but....  It was actually first written in 2012 and has a sequel (assuming the "boss" is in that book).  While overall I enjoyed the book, it ended up being a waste of reading time for me since my committee does not consider rerelease books.

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