Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Ever since she was young Jubilee has not spoken - at least not to most people.  She was given up by her mother when she was young and has been taken care of by her Aunt Cora on an island in Maine.  At the beginning of this book she is going to start in a regular classroom for the first time.  But an old friend claims "no one wants" her and Jubilee believes it.  But Jubilee does rescue a dog and makes a friend with a new boy named Mason.  When Jubilee finds out that her mother has moved back to Maine and is living on the mainland she decides to go find her.  Will Jubilee find what she is looking for?

I read this because it was recommended by someone else.  It is a quiet book and sweet in its own way.  My concern is that it is too quiet and will not be appreciated by most of my readers.

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