Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Littlest Bigfoot

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Alice has always felt like an oddball.  Her hair is unruly, she is bigger than most girls her age, she doesn't have any friends, and her parents virtually ignore her.  She is about to start at a new school...

Mille is a Yare - or a Bigfoot - but she is small for her race and her fur is an odd color.  She wants to learn more about the No-Furs, she wants to sing, she also wants to belong.

One night Alice saves Millie from drowning and they become friends.  But rumors of Bigfoot abound, there is a boy and a mysterious organization on the trail, and Mille and Alice's friendship is in jeopardy.

Can the girls' friendship survive?  Will the people in the community and school learn that maybe we are all "freaks"?

This book had a lot of heart - I really enjoyed the friendship and the message.  There is a bit of a twist at the end that hints at a sequel but it ends well even with it...

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