Friday, December 23, 2016

The Left-Handed Fate

This book was mostly historical fiction set during the War of 1812 but by the end it had steam punk elements.  Max is on a quest to find pieces to a mysterious device.  His father died while trying to find it.  To aid his quest Max has hired the Left Handed Fate and her crew.  But there is a strange ship following them with St. Elmo's fire appearing when it appears.  There is also now a war going on.  During one battle the captain of the Left Handed Fate is killed leaving his daughter Lucy and son Liao in charge.  The ship is also now in control of Oliver Dexter, a twelve year old.

Can they find the pieces to the device?  And what exactly will it do and who will it help?

Most of the book plodded along in historical fiction fashion.  It wasn't until closer to the end that the device became clearer and the whole story took on a more steam punk feel.  I think there may be an audience for this but my students are too young to appreciate it.

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