Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Home Sweet Motel

P.T loves living in a motel and the Wonderland Motel is a fabulous place to be.  There's a mini golf course, weird statues, a new ice cream machine and his grandfather who loves to tell great stories.  But, due to a loan his grandfather took out, the hotel must come up with $100,000 and fast.  P.T with the help of a guest, Gloria come up with creative ways to raise money - Croakie Karaoke, a pirate treasure hunt, and maybe even an egg hunt.  But, when they find out that jewels, stolen 40 years ago may be hidden on the property and if found, would mean a $150,000 reward, P.T and Gloria are on the case.  Can they find the jewels and save the motel?

I listened to this on audio and loved it.  Quirky characters, over the top fun, and a mystery to boot.

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