Sunday, December 18, 2016


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There have been a lot more books about mental illnesses lately and I think that it a good thing.  In this book, Daniel has OCD but does not realize it.  He knows he is different and he has what he calls Zaps and Rituals but he is so embarrassed by it and wants to be normal that he doesn't seek help.  Enter Sally, the girl at school who doesn't talk - until she does talk to Daniel.  Together they form a friendship and a team.  Sally's father is missing and Sally believes her mother's boyfriend killed him.  Together Daniel and Sally try to figure our where her father is and slowly Daniel comes to understand what is happening to him.

I liked the story.  It did end up being sad - no spoilers - enough so that I probably won't put it in my library that only goes up to grade 5 but could certainly see it in a jr. high library.

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