Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Supernormal Sleuthing...

Stephen's dad has just moved him from Chicago to New York so that his dad can take over his grandma's job as head cook at a hotel.  The problem - it's not an ordinary hotel.  The guests at this hotel are supernormal (not monsters) - vampires, fae, ghouls, Bigfoot, and so on.  Not that Stephen knew any of this.  And that's not the biggest surprise - nope, turns out his mother was a fae and so that makes him half fae.  When his dad's cookbook, his legacy, is stolen it is up to Stephen and his new friends to figure out who stole it.

I had hoped for a bit more mystery, more sleuthing and this just wasn't enough.  There was action, humor, and I did like the ending but overall it wasn't my favorite.

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