Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Bone Thief

It's hard being normal when you live in a magical town like Quiver Hollows.  Grimsly has friends who bend spoons, use telepathy, and even levitate but he can't do anything.  Then all of a sudden the magic in the town starts disappearing and Grimsly discovers that he is the Keeper and he is supposed to be in charge of keeping the bones of all the magical creatures in Quiver Hollows.  But someone has stolen the bones and now Grimsly has to find them.  In doing so he uncovers his own history and a terrible curse.  Can Grimsly save the home he loves?

So I liked this at first but then it got a bit weird for me - when some of the bones ended up being human and when people were eating the ground up bone powder (just animals).  It also annoyed me that Grimsly felt so guilty about failing as the Keeper when no one had ever even told him he was.  

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