Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mars One

It's 2027 and after years of preparation Tristan and his family as well as 30+ other people are about to leave for Mars.  It is what they have trained for and they are ready.  Sure there are things making it hard - Tristan's girlfriend Isabelle being one and protests by a fanatic group being another but it's time. The trip starts of with bad news when they find out the Chinese secretly sent a ship before them and then to make matters worse, the Chinese ship seems damaged in some way and the colonists never made it to the surface.  Besides that, for the most part everything goes great, even boring almost until unthinkable, unimaginable malfunctions happen.  Tristan, his friends, and some others soon realize that the incidents could only be sabotage.  But who would do such a thing?  Will Mars One ever make it to Mars and what will they find when they get there?

Action packed and very enjoyable!

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