Sunday, August 6, 2017

Crossing Ebenezer Creek

Heartbreaking!!  I think if I had realized this was based on an actual event I wouldn't have been so surprised and saddened by the ending - it is still sad but I would have been more prepared for the reality of it.

The book follows Mariah, her brother Zeke, and other former slaves who follow Sherman's troops as they travel through the south.  The book focuses primarily on Mariah and Caleb's blossoming love and Mariah's struggle especially with her new freedom and anger and resentment over her lives in slavery.

As I was reading the book I felt that it really focused on the evils of slavery - and there were many - as seen through Mariah's eyes.  But the story just sort of went from one revelation to the next along the journey with very little else to carry it.  The ending was tragic and I am glad that I learned about this event in history though.

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