Friday, August 11, 2017

In the Shadow of the Sun

How timely is this??

Mia and her brother Simon have gone with their dad to North Korea of all places. Their dad works for a relief organization so has been to North Korea before and Mia is actually adopted from South Korea - so why not?? But Simon is not happy - teenage boy angst and anger and Mia is just confused, especially when she sees her dad leave his hotel room late at night. But then things really take a turn for the worse when Mia mysteriously gets a phone that has photos on it of prison camps run by the North Koreans and then their father is arrested. Mia and Simon don't really know what to do - being caught with the pictures would probably mean more trouble for their dad but turning over the pictures just hides the evidence. So Simon and Mia run...

Can Mia and Simon get to the border safely and will their dad be ok? The book sheds light on North Korean culture and issues and is also a fast paced adventure.

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