Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Secret Language of Sisters

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Roo was late to pick up her sister Tilly but she just couldn't resist taking a few more pictures.  Plus she is distracted - texts from her boyfriend about their possible "break", texts from her best friend, and her sister.  Even though she knows she shouldn't she texts her sisters to tell her she is 5 minutes away.  One simple text, mere seconds of distraction and her life will never be the same.

The accident and then a stroke leave Roo with locked-in syndrome.  Fortunately Tilly was able to recognize that Roo was still in there, trying to communicate and not actually in a coma.  But things are confusing - guilt, loss, and all of a sudden Tilly and Newton turn to each other as a way to cope.  Can they all figure out a way to move forward?

This was a decent book.  An interesting concept with the two sisters and the boyfriend.  The locked-in syndrome and the medical breakthroughs were cool.  Too mature for my particular students but would recommend to older students.

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