Saturday, September 17, 2016

Our Teacher is a Vampire...

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This book started out as I expected.  Alexander thinks his teacher, Mrs. Penrose, is a vampire.  He starts passing around a blank book he got for his birthday so he and his classmates can share evidence about this problem.  Of course, they quickly realize that Mrs. Penrose is not a vampire but is... pregnant.
By then the students are hooked on writing and want to enter a contest.  But they can't agree on an idea.  They decide to write to an author for advice.  With the contest deadline approaching they wait for the advice but then something happens to Mrs. Penrose that threatens to stop their writing once and for all.
Like I said, the book started out as I expected and then took some awesome turns.  The students had conflict but learned how to resolve their differences and learned how to accept advice as writers.  The end result was a book with a lot of heart.  I really enjoyed this!

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