Sunday, September 18, 2016

Full of Beans

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This book is a companion to Turtle in Paradise which I know I read but don't really remember.  And that's okay - this title is not dependent on knowledge of the other books.

This book focuses on Beans Curry who lives in Key West during the Depression.  His father is looking for work and has to travel to New Jersey in his search.  His mom is trying to make ends meet with taking in laundry and sewing.  Beans tries to help but rummaging through garbage for cans is not very profitable.  When one of his neighbors offers to pay him a good deal more, Beans jumps at the chance even though he feels guilty about what he is doing.

Meanwhile, the New Dealers in their Bermuda Shorts are trying to turn Key West into a tourist destination.  

Can Beans make the right decisions and help his family and his town?

I thought this was well done.  Beans is a great character.  At just under 200 pages it is a satisfying read and would be great for my library.

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