Friday, September 2, 2016

Lock and Key: The Initiation

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James and Moira Moriarty have grown up in an affluent household in Boston.  Their father travels a lot and is secretive, even more so lately. Suddenly he is determined to send James and Moira off to a private school.  There James is roomed with Sherlock Holmes a boy he despises almost immediately as a know it all.

Soon after a Bible is stolen that is a Moriarty heirloom and James is given clues to find it.  But is all about the Bible?  And why is his father so scared that he tells Moira some secrets and visits James late at night.  Then their father dies unexpectedly.  Can Sherlock help Moira and James figure out what is going on?  Can James and Sherlock become friends or are they destined to be rivals.

So I am not a Sherlock Holmes reader - I have heard or Moriarty but have no other context.  I don't think that was necessary to enjoy the book but may have helped.  It was a good book - suspenseful and mysterious but also very obviously the first in a series.  Interesting to see if Sherlock fans gravitate to this series or if this series will push kids to reading the original Sherlock Holmes books. 

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