Friday, September 2, 2016

Maxi's Secrets

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When Timminy moves from Portland, ME to a smaller, remote town farther north his parents actually let him get a dog.  Maxi is a Great Pyrenees.  Soon Timminy and his family discover that Maxi is deaf but that doesn't stop them from enjoying her and from teaching her tricks and skills.  

If only Timminy's experiences at school were as good as at home.  Being short he finds himself the victim of bullying.  Fortunately he is able to make friends with the blind girl next door and her friends.  

Life has its up and downs which Timminy discovers - teasing, friendships, misunderstandings, surprises, and loss. Maxi's secrets help Timminy navigate life as a new middle school student.

This book has a lot of heart.  I really enjoyed it and was a bit surprised to find a personal connection in the author's thanks which was really cool.

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