Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Last Kids on Earth

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My students aren't reading quite as much about zombies anymore but I think they will like this.

Jack is an orphan who has moved around all his life.  In his new town he has actually made a friend and things seem to be going pretty well...until the zombie apocolypse happens.  At the beginning of the story Jack is fighting a monster Blarg (because there are monsters too, not just zombies - my one beef with the book is lack of back story on all this).  Jack has also taken refuge in a treehouse but he is looking for any other survivors - namely his friend Quint and the girl he plans to rescue, Jane.  In the story, along with Jane and Quint, Jack also runs into the bully Dirk, who also joins the group.

Fun action, great sarcastic character in Jack, and funny. Loved this!!!

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