Friday, January 1, 2016

Moving Target

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So glad I got a chance to read this.  Action, adventure, couldn't put it down!!!

Cassie's life is pretty boring.  Yes she is livng in Rome but she doesn't really get to do anything and her dad is just an art professor.  But, when he comes to get her at school one day and people start shooting at her, life becomes unboring. It turns out Cassie is from a bloodline that can control the Spear of Destiny.  There is an organization called the Hastati that is so afraid of it getting into the wrong hands that they will kill anyone in the bloodline - meaning Cassie.  

But when her father is shot Cassie doesn't know who to trust... her best friend, a monk, a mysterious boy named Asher, a grandmother she never knew she had.

Full of twists, turns, riddles, legend, and surprises this was a great read.

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