Monday, January 25, 2016

Jump Back, Paul

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This book explored the "life and poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar".  I had heard of Dunbar before because Ilived in his hometown of Dayton for several years.  I was also familiar with the caged bird line fromone of his more famous poems.  I did not know much about his life or other poems.  As an adult I appreciated the book and his poetry.  Much of my reading is done for Maine Student Book Award which is open to grades 4 - 8 and for my library which is grades 1 - 5.  I feel that this book and Dunbar's poems, especially the ones in dialect would be too challenging for a vast majority of the students I serve.  While I thought they were fascinating...they would struggle.  I would applaud a teacher who did a study of his work and could tackle the dialect inoral readings though.

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