Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Imaginary

Lots of books with imaginary friends this year.  The question for MSBA is which to put on our list - which are the best?  Do we have more than one?  How do they compare?  

Crenshaw wasn't my favorite...I felt the imaginary friend did not play a big enough role in the book...  What about this one???

I loved how it started - Amanda and Rudger, playing and imagining.  Although I have to admit - Amanda wasn't always that nice.  Then enter Mr. Bunting and his imaginary friend.  In order for Mr. Bunting to continue seeing his imaginary friend and living, he must eat other imaginary friends.  Yep...suck them right down. was okay.  I read it quickly, enjoyed most of it.  Still debating this vs Crenshaw.  I also have at least one other Imaginary friend book to read... We shall see...

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